November 2007

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame – November 28, 2008



Karen Boden – Teacher

Kelly Burner – Parent – Absent

Paulette Caudill – Teacher

Tracy Churchill – Teacher

Colleen Cox – Student

Jim Garza – Principal

Ray Gen – Teacher/Chairperson

Patricia Guzman – Classified Employee

Riley Peck – Student

Jayne Pimlott – Vice-Chairperson/Parent

Aubrianne Rose – Student

Maxine Walsleben – Classified Person/Secretary

Lisa Wilkin – Parent


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen.


Minutes reviewed and passed as amended adding the terms of the members for the school year 2007/08.


Program Report


                ELD – No Report


Unfinished Business




New Business:


Karen Boden reviewed math standards assessment (attachment).  Boden also told the group that the Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and Statistics classes were reviewing financial aid so students would be better prepared to apply as seniors.


Discussion was held on the math department philosophy regarding no repeats in math classes.


Mr. Garza received a letter of resignation from Lisa Wilkin removing herself from Site Council.  Ms. Wilkin was elected as a new member to the El Segundo District School Board and felt it would be a conflict of interest to be on both.  (Attachment)


Following Ms. Wilkin’s resignation, the member at large would become the new voting member of the site council.  The member at large is Tammy Reeves, who was also elected to the school board.


Mr. Garza reviewed the site council standing rules and a new election must be held.  Ms. Pimlott made a motion to advertise the opening on Consent Contact and that motion was seconded by Ms. Churchill. 


Mr. Garza reviewed the professional learning and student support program (also called Intervention Program) the leadership committee is reviewing.  It would involve an extended lunch period with teachers providing tutoring during the lunch time.  Students who excelled would be given a one hour lunch period.  Garza showed a DVD from La Serna High School where the intervention program is currently being used.




Mr. Garza, Ms. Harada and Ms. Cobb attended the 1st WASC training to prepare for the WASC visit in 2008.


Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting date is December 19, 2007.









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