Nov. 2008


Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –November 19, 2008




Jim Garza                             Principal

Ray Gen                               Chairman

Windri Barriga                   Parent

Allison Denman                               Parent

Jayne Pimlott:                   Parent

Gigi Thompson:                                Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Karen Boden:                    Teacher

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat:            Teacher

Riley Peck                           Student

Jessica Chen                      Student



Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:00PM


Minutes from meeting in October 2008 were accepted.


Unfinished business:     None


Dr. Ray Gen formerly introduced our newest student member, Jessica Chen (9th grade).


It was reported that at this time the English chair, Branka Cvejic did not have EL information to share at this time.


Jim Garza began meeting with a WASC Update.  Chapters 1 and 2 were reviewed at the prior meeting.  In Chapter 3, the Critical Need s, Reading and Math were discussed. There was protracted dialogue that took place in order to come up with chapter 3.  The way in which it is written gives us more flexibility in having all stakeholders involved in the process. The plan is to find ways in which to get all students proficient in all subjects across the board.  It was discussed that even Fine Arts/electives branch out into all core subjects.


The WASC Self Study plan consisting of 5 chapters drives how we conduct business here on campus.


Jayne Pimlott moved to approve Critical Need #3, second by Patricia and passed.




During the October meeting several questions were brought up.  Jim Garza answered the following questions.


How do our scores compare to surrounding schools? 

                Our scores show that we are up there in the top percentage range. 

 (We beat Torrance with our scores). 


Will students taking the MRC Algebra 2 class be prepared for college?

                Yes, our students will be prepared for a 4 year college.  They might not be

                prepared to go into an engineering program which requires higher

                math courses but they will be equipped to continue on in college.


Is there going to be a MRC English course?

No, English will not have an MRC course because it is not a stumbling block for our students.


What is the benefit of having the Business Literacy course UC approved gain us?

This course would give us an additional elective to offer our students.  It helps build in the areas needed to prepare students for the 21st Century.


A brief report on the budget was given. A detailed presentation will take place at the next meeting. 



Meeting adjourned at 1:20PM


Next Meeting:   December 17, 2008