Minutes from 101514

October 2014

Site Council-101514—Meeting opened at 1:12PM
September Minutes were approved by email after last meeting.

ELD Report by Bonnie Maye
Represents the high school as being our EL specialist. We have 40 learners at the high school.  This year we will submit a plan to the state with 80 goals.  ELD coordinators are doing presentations at the ESUSD sites. State requirement has been in place since 2012 and we are slowly moving forward with a plan in place. Teachers are being taught the new standards:  Emerging, Expanding and Bridging. By end of October all teachers will be receiving a Passports just like teachers receive for the Special Ed department. Numbers are increasing for students coming into the district speaking no English at all.  Not just Spanish speakers but of various ethnicities.

API is how we measure our schools. Unfortunately, we no longer have the testing in place so the State is using the last 3 years average CST test scores to come up with our average.  We met all our markers, the tough part is now that we do not have current markers without the testing. Only group that tested last year were the 10th graders, all took the Life Science test (regardless of science class they were in.)  As of right now only the juniors will be tested this year with SBAC for the Common Core.  In the future, API will be determined with SBAC and CAHSEE exam, although there is talk that the CAHSEE will get absorbed into the SBAC testing.  .

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