May 2009

El Segundo High School

Site Council Meeting Minutes

                                                                                May 27, 2009

Members in Attendance:                             Ray Gen – Teacher/Chair

James Garza-Principal                                   Karen Boden-Teacher

Alison Denman-Parent                                 Gigi Thompson-Classified

Jayne Pimlott-Parent                                     Patricia Guzman-Classified

Windri Barriga-Parent                                    Jessica Chen-Student                                  

 Colleen Cox-Student                                    Riley Peck - Student

 Jennifer Hedayat-Teacher                                                                                         


The meeting was called to order at 1:15 by Dr. Gen/Chair

Minutes were accepted.

No new reports.

Unfinished business:     Discussion of parent survey.


WASC Update:  We received a 6 year-clear with only a paper response at the 3rd year mark.  First time in 14 years no revisit required.


Budget Update:                  Hold on the other data but do not make any assumptions on the data until our first meet in September and open it up again.  Attitudinal data is probably the results that won’t change every much.  Mr. Garza requests survey results to go to him first.  When should the survey go out?

Parent survey can be done in January #2010.


On 5/27 the City Council is meeting again to talk about allowing more filming dates for the high school.


As you know the initiatives went down and there will be a hit to education. Major cuts will take place and there could be an additional $700,000 before the end of June 2009.  That would mean that we start the new school year with a deficit.  We are hoping the stimulus package will make a difference.  We will not know the staffing ratio until the end of June.


Classified have already been notified of not having reasonable assurance.


Survey: The students from the math department reviewed the survey and decided that #13, #15, #21, #23, #31 in the survey did not fit well with the Eagle Expectations.

We reviewed the questions that students came up with and agreed to add 7 new questions.

The survey will be conducted in the HS Library on June 1, 2, and 3rd thru Survey Monkey. 


Two students will be graduating:    Colleen Cox and Riley Peck.

 Election of two new students will take place in September and they will start attending meetings in October.

Also one classified position will be open and it will be announced in September as well.


2009 meeting has been cancelled.

Next meeting will be September 23, 2009


Meeting adjourned at 2:25PM