May 2014

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –May 14, 2014




Ali Rabiei                              Interim Principal

Marcos Bolanos                 President/Teacher

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Jennifer Hedayat                Teacher

Sarah Davlantis                 Teacher

Jonathon Thompson         Student (11)

Citlali Arroyo                      Student (12)

Steve Mazuk                      Parent

Hunter Gable                     Student (12)

Guest: Judy Munger           Teacher


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:08PM


Minutes from February 19, 2014– Motion to approve by: Guzman, second by Thompson, J ---: all in favor


New Business and Agenda items: Surveys

1.  Munger was a guest and shared the 3 surveys (faculty, student, and parent)that are ready to be sent out hopefully this week.

Faculty Survey had a few things changed, names of departments are different, but nothing major. 

#10 about common core and SBAC assessment

#12 was modified to leave open space for responses.


Student Survey is drastically different.  Questions were added about WASC and the Common Core.  Questions were also group by topic to make it easier to answer.  Lists previously in the survey when discussing “technology” were removed.


Parent Survey had changes made to it by the leadership team.  Questions #19 and #20 were changed to reflect the WASC visit next year.  #36 had a drastic change from a yes or no answer to a graded answer format.


Students will be pulled out of 2nd period classes and taken to the Statistics classroom where they will answer the survey on iPads; hopefully in about 15 minutes.


Thompson, Jonathon asked about #13 and suggested that it be rewarded to have students give more of a personal answer to the question.


Motion made to accept the surveys by Rabiei, second by Jonathon: all in favor


2. LCAP was presented by Ali Rabiei

LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) is a plan that all public schools are devising to their entire district as a whole.  Like the school’s WASC report but it will cover services and facilities of the entire district.  The first plan will be completed and presented to the Board on June 24th at a school board meeting.




Announcements: none


Meeting adjourned: 1:28PM


Next Meeting: Fall 2014