March 2009

ESHS Site Council Minutes 

El Segundo High School

Site Council Meeting Minutes

                                                                                       March 25, 2009

Members in Attendance:                             Ray Gen – Teacher/Chair

James Garza-Principal                                    Karen Boden-Teacher

Alison Denman-Parent                                  Gigi Thompson-Classified

Jayne Pimlott-Parent                                     Patricia Guzman-Classified

Windri Barriga-Parent                                     Jessica Chen-Student                                   

 Theresa Churchill-Teacher                          Colleen Cox-Student    

 Jennifer Hedayat-Teacher                           Riley Peck - Student                                                      

 The meeting was called to order at 1:05 by Dr. Gen/Chair

Minutes were accepted.

No new reports.

No unfinished business.

SARC Review:

School Account Report card is on website. A mandated function is current as of last year on the District Website under schools  go to High School tab and on SARC tab.  The report looks well.

WASC Update:

We just shipped out 10 copies of “their” completed report with CD and survey, before June we need to submit the updated report.   We will have the results of the accreditation sometime at the end of June.  We need to start with the Research Action Plan in spring.  At the next meeting we will have the expenses of the WASC procedure.

Budge Update:

At this time there is an 8 billion dollar shortfall in what they anticipated.  Yesterday the Board recommended re-instating class size reduction K-10 preserve the program and bodies (employees) all sites impacted –w/bumping rights.  At this time 22 teachers roughly will go, nothing is in concrete at this time.


We need to do a student survey since we have a new ESLR’s and Mission State.  We take questions and review against ESLR’s.  The survey is normally done first 2 weeks in May takes about 2-3 days.  We survey 100 students 25 from each grade.  Ms. Boden will reserve the Library computers.  Hopefully the information will be compiled the beginning of June.

We need a window for Parent Survey.  Ray will send us last year’s survey and answers to review and comment on.   He will revise and sent out the survey before the 12 week report card.


Reminder needs to be made to Linal about the PLC at the High School.

It was also commented that we should talk about recycling at the next faculty meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00PM

Next Meeting:  March 25, 2009