March 2008

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame – March 19, 2008



Karen Boden – Teacher

Kelly Burner – Parent – Absent

Paulette Caudill – Teacher

Tracy Churchill – Teacher

Colleen Cox – Student

Alison Denman - Parent

Jim Garza – Principal

Ray Gen – Teacher/Chairperson

Patricia Guzman – Classified Employee

Riley Peck – Student

Jayne Pimlott – Vice-Chairperson/Parent

Aubrianne Rose – Student

Maxine Walsleben – Classified Person/Secretary


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:20PM


Minutes reviewed and passed as presented.


Unfinished Business:      None


New Business:


Mr. Garza reviewed the SARC report for 2006-2007 explaining how the information was researched,  how the information is used and informed the group that this report was being updated with additional information.


WASC Update:  Ms. Boden informed the group that she was completing the data for WASC.  Ms. Churchill would begin writing Chapter 2 along with Ms. Cvejic.  Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 are completed.  Mr. Garza, Ms. Boden, Ms. Cobb, Mr. Mooko, and Ms. Harada would be attending a WASC training at LACOE next week.


Dr. Gen informed the council how they are gathering data and preparing for WASC both this year and for future years.


Site council was given a copy of the new ESLERs being presented by the Leadership Committee.  These were composed after much discussion with parents, faculty, students, and administrators as well as the Leadership Committee.


Mr. Garza presented a recommendation from the Science Department for discussion proposing the elimination of Life Science from the High School Course offerings.


The science department would like incoming freshmen to take Earth Science for their physical science and go into biology for their lab science.  The group shared its concern for the middle or struggling student and Mr. Garza would be going back to the science department with this information.


Old Business:


The Budget Sub Committee will be meeting April 14 in the Hall of Fame to review projected spending for 2008-2009.


Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting date is  April 23, 2008.









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