March 2013

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –March 20, 2013


Jim Garza                           Principal

Marcos Bolanos                  Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                   Classified Employee

Tracy Kadonaga                  Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat                 Teacher

Jonathon Thompson           Student


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:18PM


Minutes from February 20, 2013 – Motion to approve by: Hedayat, second by Garza - all in favor

Unfinished business:     


English Learners:  nothing to add


New Business and Agenda items: 

Sarah Davlantis will be going out on maternity leave beginning April 1st and not able to attend meetings through the end of this school year, she will rejoin us in the fall.


Tracy Kadonaga will also be going out on maternity leave beginning May 1st and will not be at school during lunch next year she will have to step down.  We will vote on a new teacher in the fall.


 Teacher Appreciation Week is still not decided but coming soon.


There is an update to the budgeting of the practice field.  Since the money that is being used to pay for the practice field is a direct balance from bond measure the Site Council at the high school does not have any obligation.  We will have to pay for it from the revenue that is received from use of the new practice field.  This agreement will last until the debt is paid off which is approximately $50,000.00.


The practice field is on schedule and might even be completed before the projected date.


So Cal Roc update:  Funding is usually a line item in the state budget but this year nothing was allocated to them.  The sites would be responsible for the push-through to help run their site and run our onsite classes.

It looks like the governor is going to give us the money and districts well need to decide what they want to do with it, either keep it at site and run the classes or continue to have So Cal Roc running the programs.  At this time we do not know if the money will come allocated for specific courses or just part of the general funding.  The superintendent believes that we will continue to receive the same amount and be able to still offer our sections.  Credentialing becomes an issue for some teachers that are credentialed through So Cal Roc by vocation al experience only.


The parent survey is on the table with leadership and will be sent out before the 12-week spring progress report.


Conferences attended since last meeting were:  Ali Rabiei was delegated as District AVID Representative and attended a three day conference in order to receive his certification. 




Meeting adjourned: 1:35PM


Next Meeting: April 17, 2013