June 2010



Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –March 17, 2010



Jayne Pimlott                     Parent

Windri Barriga                    Parent

Alison Denman                 Parent

Jim Garza                             Principal

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Theresa Churchill             Teacher

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Alyson Doering                 Student


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:15PM


Minutes from 4/21/10 were accepted.


Unfinished business:      None


New Business: 

English Learners: There will only be 5 students in EL next year ; they will enroll in the Freshman Guidance class.  This class is intended to help those students who were struggling at the end of 8th grade.


Incidental/Disaster Preaparedness Plan and Teacher Safety Plan: notebooks were presented and reviewed by council members.  This was the year we needed to review the plan thoroughly.  The committee included Craig Gast, Bill Erickson, Tomas Romo and Jim Garza with the primary work done by Gast and Erickson.


The emgency POD will be repaired and restocked once the remodel is completed.

Gig is to check on emergency procedure with AC units in case of a future “lock down” .


Member Terms completed: Ray Gen, Karen Boden, Alison Denman and Windri Barriga


Reports on Conferences and Meetings:  Teachers will attend the UC/Cal State Conference.  During that conference there will be a session that will cover Career Technical Education System.    Administration is trying to get UC approved the following classes: Design in Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Music Theory, Digital Design and Sign Language which are all UC approved at So Cal ROC but we need to have them approved here.  UC system is now requiring uniformity in the way schools are labeling the courses.


If we wanted to change the title of one of our courses that are already approved we need to submit documentation before March so that is ready by the following school year.