January 2014

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –January 15, 2014




Ali Rabiei                              Interim Principal

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Jennifer Hedayat             Teacher

Sarah Davlantis                 Teacher

Jonathon Thompson       Student (11)

Citlali Arroyo                      Student (12)

Steve Mazuk                      Parent

Guest: Bonnie Maye      Teacher

Meeting opened by Ali Rabiei at 1:11PM


Minutes from October 14, 2013 – Motion to approve by: Davlantis, second by Hedayat ;  all in favor


English Learners:  EL Report given by guest Bonnie Maye. (handout given)

We have 34 EL students.  We receive funds for these students and that is turned over to Site Council via the district.  When money is needed for the program it is requested from the council and allocated to specific needs.  Right now we have 8 students with special support.  Teachers have all received special training and certificate.  During the 1st and 2nd week of school teachers will receive information on EL students assigned to them.

 The challenge right now is that EL students have to explain how they arrived at answers to problems.  Without STAR the ELAC needs to find another way to benchmark the progress of these students.


New Business and Agenda items:  non



Announcements: non


Meeting adjourned: 1:27PM


Next Meeting: February 19, 2014