Jan. 2009


Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame 

January 21, 2009



Jim Garza                             Principal

Ray Gen                               Chairman

Gigi Thompson:                                Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Karen Boden:                    Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat:            Teacher

Tracy Churchill:                 Teacher

Jayne Pimlott:                   Parent

Windri Barriga:                 Parent

Alison Denman:                               Parent

Riley Peck:                          Student

Coleen Cox:                       Student

Jessica Chen                      Student


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:15PM

Minutes from meeting in December 2008 were accepted.

Unfinished business:     None


Jim Garza gave a brief WASC update and read of f the names of the WASC Visiting Committee that will arrive in March.

Mrs. Sharon Schlegel, Principal at Serrano High School

Mr. Hans Becker, Vice Principal from San Diego

Ms. Shalu Bhojwani from Edison High School

Ms. Patricia Fraijo, Assistant Principal from Alta Loma

Ms. Laurel Fretz, Principal from Pasadena

Ms. Ami Szerencse, English Teacher/Dept. Chair from Montebello


The team will be staying at the Embassy Suites in El Segundo.  All expenses food, lodging, and gas will paid by the high school.  The costs have already been encumbered by the Facilities Account.


The Site Council members will be meeting with the review team but a time has not been decided.  It was requested that Site Council be given the website addresses for the schools the visiting team members represent. 


Jim Garza in his budget update told us that we have a financial crisis in the State of California and we are due to run out of money by the end of February 09.  We do have some so that would cover payroll.


At this time all accounts are frozen.  We will not be purchasing any material goods. Conference and trainings will also be put on hold. 


Question was asked if the hit would be across all sites or just the high school.

Right now we are looking at a $700,000 cut across the board with a 2.5 billion dollar cut for next year.

We need to find ways to save money to help preserve staff.  Nothing has been decided yet.

Ed Foundation has been working on putting together a fundraising committee so that they can still give the $450K by the end of the year.


Depending on the outcome in the State Capital an emergency Site Council meeting might be called.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:44PM.


Next Meeting:  February 25, 2009