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September 2009



Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –September 16, 2009



Jayne Pimlott:                   Parent

Windri Barriga                    Parent

Jim Garza:                           Principal

Gigi Thompson:               Classified Employee

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Theresa Churchill:            Teacher

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Jessica Chen                       Student

Casey Riordan                   Student

Alyson Doering                 Student


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:05PM


Minutes from September 09 were accepted.


Unfinished business:      None


Elections: Ray Gen-Chairman and Jayne Pimlott-Vice were re-elected  


It was discussed to consolidate EL and Intervention, only 3 students.  The Rosetta Stone strategy to be used and we will still be used are as our guiding force for that program.


Review of the Program Reporting by Mr. Garza

Improvement in our significant sub group: latino group with our lowest percentage in merging groups.


Reminder that this coming year the CAHSEE criteria has changed and certain groups will not be required to take the exam.


There was a growth in the English department due to the inclusion, Push-In with Special Ed.

 Special Ed students are being mainstreamed into regular English classes.


Each year the state raises the hurdle that students need to master.  It is critical to keep the percentages in mind when reviewing the data.


We are keeping an eye on the Hispanics and socio-economic larger groups while also remembering our African American population that is not represented in a sub group. 


Question asked: Is Site Council is involved in finding ways to plan different Class Sales while the football field is under construction and team is away for all games?  Answer was NO.


Next Meeting:   December 16, 2009