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Oct 2010



Site Council Meeting

Main Office Conference Room –October 20, 2010



Jayne Pimlott                     Parent

Laura Gabel                        Parent

Beth Muraida                    Parent

Jim Garza                             Principal

Marcos Bolanos                                Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Jennifer Hedayat             Teacher

Theresa Kadonaga           Teacher

Alyson Doering                 Student

Jessica Chen                       Student


Meeting opened by Mr. Garza at 1:10PM


Minutes from June 16, 2010 were accepted. Motion: Muraida, Passed


Unfinished business:      None


Introduction of new members:

Teachers:            Tracy Kadonaga                reelected

                                Jack Cassette                     absent serving Jury duty

Parents:               Laura Gabel       

                                Beth Muraida



English Learners:

There are 9 students in EL this year ranging from beginning to advanced English placement. 

Mr. Bolanos reported that we met all deadlines for testing our students.  Students were all tested and have been placed in their assigned levels.   Along with EL students Mr. Bolanos teaches Freshman Student Studies which is geared for students coming over from 8th grade with a 1.9 GPA or lower, this serves as a resource lab where they are helped with their study skills.


New Business and Agenda items: 

Today’s main objective was to review the By-laws and have elections.  The Site Council serves a supporting body in pushing the institution forward with the categorical and facilities funds.  Last year the council voted and passed that Mr. Garza should have free reign to distribute the funds of the school during the hard budget times.  At the moment everything looks good.  We have brought some additional money in to the school with filming.  For this year at least, we will be able to meet the teacher’s classroom needs.  Sometimes we need to form a sub-committee, example of that was during the WASC visitation period.  For now we will assume the duties of the ELAC committee because of the small numbers involved.



Conferences attended since last meeting were:

Mrs. Miller and Tiffany Traina attended the UC Conference at UCLA.  An important piece of information brought back from that was that the students now guaranteed a spot in a UC school if there GPA is within the top 9% of their class.  It went up from top 4% of the class will go from last year.


Our new Robotics teacher Steven Eno will be attending a Fall Workshop at CSUN Conference for Robotics to help in developing the new Engineering lab.


Construction update  

Construction is well underway, a few set backs on the schedule in due to a water drainage issues  and now the rain but the completion date has not been changed.  Field expected to be completed sometime in April 2011.


The auditorium is schedule to be fenced off tomorrow, Thursday, October 21, 2010.


Election of new officers

Chair person Jayne Pimlott was unanimously voted in.  Motion: Kadonaga, Passed

V. Chair Laura Gabel was unanimously voted in.  Motion: Thompson, Passed

Secretary Gigi Thompson was unanimously voted in.  Motion: Garza, Passed



Next Meeting:  November 17, 2010 in the Hall of Fame.


Future dates:

                                December 15, 2010

                                January 19, 2011

                                February 16, 2010

                                March 16, 2010

                                April 20, 2010

                                May 18, 2010

                                June 15, 2010