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November 2009



Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –November 18, 2009



Jayne Pimlott                     Parent

Windri Barriga                    Parent

Jim Garza                             Principal

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Theresa Churchill             Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Jessica Chen                       Student

Casey Riordan                   Student

Alyson Doering                 Student


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:05PM


Minutes from October were accepted.


Unfinished business:      None


New Business: 

NAVIANCE a college, career planning web program as well as a tool used by the student body for poll taking, voting and many other functions.  Many schools are already using this tool.  You can visit Mira Costa’s website under their college planning tab and take a look at the site.   After the holidays a group of parent, teachers, and students will gather to speak with the webmaster and find out additional information.  Students were encouraged to participate since they are the ones this would help.  This program was discussed several years ago by Ms. Moon but at the time we were fully staffed in the counseling office and the cost could not be justified.  Now the situation has changed and our students would benefit from this program.  There is a cost involved anywhere from $4K-10K a year.  Suggestion was made that maybe it could be charged through ASB since the student body would be using the program.


GPA sub-committee is being formed to re-evaluate the way students are ranked.  They will be reviewing the existing practices and give suggestions for how we should proceed next year.  Traditions can still continue but the ranking of students would be eliminated.  The Top Ten Students was started when the student body was maybe 600 students and GPA’s were only 4.0, many factors have changed since then and administration wants to make sure that we are helping our seniors be competitive when applying for colleges.



Next Meeting: January 20, 2010