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Nov 2010



Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –November 17, 2010



Jayne Pimlott                     Parent

Laura Gabel                        Parent

Beth Muraida                    Parent

Jim Garza                             Principal

Marcos Bolanos                                Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Jennifer Hedayat             Teacher



Meeting opened by Mr. Garza at 1:18PM


Minutes from October 20, 2010 Motion: Muraida, second by Hedayat and Passed


Unfinished business:      None


English Learners department headed up by Marcos Bolanos reports that we have had a 50% increase in the last two weeks make the total students in that class 18.  It was mentioned that he would be using the Rosetta Stone program and looking into using the language lab to help bring these students along.


New Business and Agenda items: 

Mr. Garza reviewed the State of the School report that was presented to the Board on November 10.  This data piece we calendar annually and study our Action Plans progress.  He reviewed the test results and the API scores and we compare to the state average reporting that we came in above the state average across all groups.   We were 10-10 last year in our AP rank and hope to once again receive that rating.  Report is available on line for detailed percentages.

The money that Site Council has controlled of is budgeted to help programs implement resources and interventions to help our sub-groups rise to a higher level in their learning.



Conferences attended since last meeting were:

Mrs. Miller attended and EL and Special Ed Conference in San Diego in November.

Mr. Eno attended a Project Lead the Way seminar at El Camino earlier this month and will be attending a Robotics conference at Cal Poly Pomona the beginning of next year.

A special sub- committee attended a Webinar conference in preparation for the report that needs to be filed for the CA Distinguished School application.  Nancy Cobb has agreed to come on board and work on that application up to 10 days at a substitutes pay rate. $105 a day.  The report is due sometime early December.


Construction update:

The completion date has not changed and things are moving along as expected.  Photos are available on our high school website both of the field and the auditorium.  A fire curtain is required leaving the spacing between the wall and the rigging at a minimal.  If people are interested in seeing a mock up of the finished auditorium they can see a model in the district boardroom.


Next Meeting:  December 15, 2010 in the Hall of Fame.


Future dates:

                                January 19, 2011

                                February 16, 2010

                                March 16, 2010

                                April 20, 2010

                                May 18, 2010

                                June 15, 2010