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November 2011

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –November 30, 2011




Jim Garza                             Principal

Marcos Bolanos                                Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Sarah Davlantis                 Teacher

Steve Mazuk                      Parent

Beth Muraida                    Parent

Jessica Chen                       Student

Hunter Gabel                     Student


Meeting opened by Marco Bolanos at 1:10PM


Minutes from October 25, 2011 – Motion to approve by: Muraida, second by Guzman - all in favor

Unfinished business:      None


English Learners:  Currently updating green folders – to follow their status; no change in attendance.  The CAHSEE is scheduled for March.


New Business and Agenda items: 

We are the only school in the county to make AP Honor Roll Society.  El Segundo High is 1 of 18 schools in the State; less than 400 schools in the Nation.


There is a possibility that we will be offering AP World History next year.


Action Research Protocol is the plan used to look at critical needs.  Each department comes up w/an intervention looking at articles that address this issue.


November is the month we review where we are in respect to the goals set.


The next focus group involving parents is in January and they will be determining if they should continue on the same cycle or change what the focus is; qualitative or quantitative information.


Site Council is an advisory body whose main focus is to allocate the resources for needs in the Action plan. At this site we look through the lens of how we will allocate our facilities funds.


Conferences attended since last meeting were:


Next Meeting:  January 25, 2012 in the Hall of Fame.


Future dates: (all dates subject to change)

                                February 15, 2012

                                March 21, 2012

                                April 18, 2012

                                May 16, 2012 (in A105)

                                June meeting not scheduled unless needed.