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Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –January 26,2011



Jayne Pimlott                     Parent

Laura Gabel                        Parent

Beth Muraida                    Parent

Jim Garza                             Principal

Marcos Bolanos                                Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Tracy Kadonaga                                Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat             Teacher

Jack Cassette                     Teacher

Alyson Doering                 Student

Jessica Chen                       Student



Meeting opened by Jayne Pimlott at 1:10PM


Minutes from November 17, 2010 - Motion: Muraida, second by Guzman and Passed


Unfinished business:      None


English Learners We now have Rosetta Stone for all levels installed in the Language Lab.  There are 5 new EL students from out of the country.  The EL population is not big on our site.  Once we have 100 students in our district it gets reported on our AYP, this could hurt us.  Right now the EL population is not in our Action Plan but we still need to address this issue.  Money may be needed from Site funds at which point Marcos Bolanos will need to document and report to us his request.  Right now Janice Hickey and Jack Plotkin at the District level are the contacts.  It was suggested by a Site Council member that we look into tutoring, summer school and activities to supplement Bolanos education in the classroom.  At the board meeting this month it was proposed that maybe the other sites have early bird, later gaiters and at the high school do a 0 and 7th period to supplement the EL students class work.  Right now we are at 67% proficient but by the year 2014 we need to be at 100% proficient. We could be above the 800 mark in all but one group and not meet our AYP.  We would not qualify for distinguished school if this happened.


New Business and Agenda items: 

Our budget situation is very bleak at this time.  Governor’s proposed that our current tax could be extended.  At our district board level there is talk of going into our reserves.


Our application for CA Distinguished Schools was submitted last month thanks to Nancy Cobb who came in to work a few hours and get that packet together.  We are now just waiting to hear back and see if we will get a visit from the committee.   If we are awarded with the Distinguished school rating we will need to discuss allocating money for the reception and fees needed to process the award.


The Ed Foundation Boost your School contributed $225K for our schools and Chevron gave another $75K.


Conferences attended since last meeting were:

Mrs. Miller will be attending a Cyber Bullying seminar with Janice Hickey in March.  Marcos Bolanos will be attending an EL seminar later this semester.



Construction update:

Construction on site is going according to schedule despite the rainfall in December.  Our plan is for graduation to take place on the football field and for the other senior ceremonies to take place in the Auditorium which is scheduled for completion at the end of May.


Next Meeting:  February 16, 2011 in the Hall of Fame.


Future dates:

                                March 16, 2010

                                April 20, 2010

                                May 18, 2010

                                June 15, 2010