February 2009


El Segundo High School

Site Council Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2009

Members in Attendance:

James Garza-Principal                                    Karen Boden-Teacher

Alison Denman-Parent                                  Gigi Thompson-Classified

Jayne Pimlott-Parent                                     Patricia Guzman-Classified

Windri Barriga-Parent                                     Jessica Chen-Student                                   

 Theresa Churchill-Teacher                          Colleen Cox-Student    

 Jennifer Hedayat-Teacher                                                                                         


The meeting was called to order at 1:10 by Jayne Pimlott-VP

Minutes were accepted.

No new reports.

No unfinished business.


WASC update:

Site Council was asked to be available to attend the reception on Sunday afternoon beginning at 5PM for general reception.  Light appetizers, under the direction of Jayne Pimlott.

They are happy with the report and things are moving right along. 

Site Council is not meeting individually but can join in on the 6PM meeting

The agenda will be sent to Site council and District/Board Members regarding the weekends/weeks events.


Budget Update:

Main concern of today’s meeting.  Recap: At the beginning of the second semester it was mentioned that the Site Fund was gifted back to the District.  At this time Mr. Garza has been using facilities money to cover expenses to get us through the school needs.

We need a motion to approve the running of the site on our Facilities fund. (Money we have control of)

Jim makes recommendation to use the facilities money to replace the site allocation money to run the school for the remainder of the fiscal year 20080-09. 

Second by Karen Boden


Question was asked: Why are we starting up a new sport?  Girl’s Lacrosse. 

Clarification was made by Mr. Garza: No such sport is being started.    It is a high school La Crosse club.  People have been contacted by Steve Shevlin.     In order to approve a sport they would have to have 3 years worth of funds for the sport.  I would have to be submitted by Mr. Garza to the board for approval.


Discussion on the cost of graduation and the current budget:   Senior’s parents give $2500 towards graduation the remainder of costs come from Mr. Garza.  It costs approximately $15000.00.


Parent and student survey mentioned in the next meeting of March


Next Meeting:  March 25, 2009