February 2013


Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –February 20, 2013



Jim Garza                           Principal

Marcos Bolanos                  Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman                 Classified Employee

Tracy Kadonaga                  Teacher

Sarah Davlantis                   Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat                 Teacher

Jonathon Thompson           Student

Alexa Mansour                   Student

Citlali Arroyo                      Student

Steve Mazuk                       Parent


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:13PM


Minutes from December 12, 2012 – Motion to approve by: Davlantis, second by Garza - all in favor

Unfinished business:     


English Learners:  All students have tested and are placed in appropriate classes.  CAHSEE testing: all seniors have passed minus the special education students.  There are a few juniors that need to be retested.


New Business and Agenda items: 

 There has been of change coming to So Cal Roc programs. Right now we have classes that are subsidized from SoCal Roc for Fine Arts Department, some off site classes as well. In the current proposed budget they may have to shut down by 7/1/13, equivalent of 1/ ½ new teachers or $172k.  While the change can be extreme it can also just be a modified cut, several combinations are in the making.  The governor’s budget for K-12 funded JC’s would absorb some of the money taking from the So Cal Roc facilities.  There are 75 facilities in California.   We will contact John at Torrance offices to get specifics.


SARC report which is the schools accountability report with Hispanic population data is still not available.


New construction on the practice field has begun.  While it is being funded by money that was leftover from the bond measure we are still short on the balance.  The district is asking that the high school come up with that balance.  It is asked of Site council to consider paying back to the district a yearly amount of $5K for 10 years to offset the cost.


It was asked by Mazuk that we come up with a written proposal so that council can vote on this next year.




Conferences attended since last meeting were:




Meeting adjourned: 1:27PM


Next Meeting: March 20, 2013