February 2008

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame – February 20, 2008



Karen Boden – Teacher

Kelly Burner – Parent – Absent

Paulette Caudill – Teacher

Tracy Churchill – Teacher

Colleen Cox – Student

Alison Denmen - Parent

Jim Garza – Principal

Ray Gen – Teacher/Chairperson

Patricia Guzman – Classified Employee

Riley Peck – Student

Jayne Pimlott – Vice-Chairperson/Parent

Aubrianne Rose – Student

Maxine Walsleben – Classified Person/Secretary


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:10PM


Minutes reviewed and passed as presented.


Unfinished Business:      None


Program Reports:


Literacy Team will be meeting Feb. 20th to plan the minimum day program being held on Monday, March 3rd.  Literacy team will also be going to LACOE on February 22nd for the final part of the training in implementing the program to students.


New Business


Mr. Garza again informed the group that due to budget constraints, Read 180 would not be purchased for the ELD students.  Hopefully by end of March a recommendation could be made suggesting another type of support for ELD and any students listed below proficient. 


Mr. Garza informed the council that several phone calls have been received regarding filming and several people have looked at the campus.  Awaiting decisions form the powers that be. 


Mr. Garza asked made a motion to set-up a budget sub-committee to review the film and site accounts and plan a budget for the remainder of this school year and heading into the next school year.  The motion was seconded by Maxine Walsleben.  The members of the committee are:


                                Karen Boden – Teacher

                                Patricia Guzman – Classified

                                Jim Garza – Administrator

                                Riley Peck – Student

                                Jayne Pimlott – Parent


Garza reported on the Chevron Grant of $30,000.00 to be used to purchase computers for the Cad Lab.


Karen Boden reported that the Leadership Team has begun writing the WASC report.  Mr. Garza informed the group that the WASC visit could be sometime in March 2009.


Training for WASC will be March 27th with Karen Boden, Nancy Cobb, Jim Garza, Linal Harada and Jayne Pimlott attending at the LACOE office.


Parent/Teacher/Student Survey:


Teacher survey has been completed and the student survey will be done in the spring.  The parent survey will be on-line beginning March 10 and ending March 29th.  Parents will be notified via Consent Connect and Connect Ed.


SCROC – Mr. Garza reported he had met with the Assistant Superintendent of SCROC and they would be continuing to offer the same number of classes with one change.  They would no longer be picking up the entire salary of the teacher.  There would be a cap of $10,000.00 per teacher.   Per Garza, this was an un-planned additional expense to the general fund, with no plan as to how this would be handled.


Conferences:  No conferences have been scheduled due to budget constraints.


Announcements:  Ms. Pimlott mentioned the Ed. Foundation Fundraiser at McCormick & Schmick’s on Monday, February 25th.


Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting date is March 19, 2008.









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