December 2008



Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –

December 17, 2008



Jim Garza                             Principal

Ray Gen                               Chairman

Gigi Thompson:                                Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman               Classified Employee

Karen Boden:                    Teacher

Ray Gen:                              Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat:            Teacher

Jessica Chen                       Student


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen at 1:05PM

Minutes from meeting in November 2008 were accepted.

Unfinished business:      None


Dr. Ray Gen walked us through the online WASC Report which is still having last minute updates in preparation for the mailing December 19,2008  to the visiting team members. He gave us helps on how to maneuver through the report.  Recommendation was made by Karen Boden to make a slight change to the Fitness Graph so that the data could be easily understood.


Dr. Gen then continued by summarizing each of the chapters and pointing out who makes up each of the focus groups.  He mentioned that Evidence in the report is important so if the WASC committee has questions about our findings we can show them how we are supporting our information.


Mr. Garza moved that we approve the WASC Action Plan and have it become the school’s improvement plan.  (Minor corrections needed)

It was seconded by Tracy Churchill and voted in by all present.


Karen Boden took a few minutes to explain to inform our students about the WASC visit and the importance of being accredited.  Students were invited to join the focus groups so that they can take an active role in their school.  Nancy Cobb will be given their names before the next focus group meeting in January.


Mr. Garza then reviewed the budget and informed all that though it is not certain what will happen with the state budget we do anticipate cuts in the school district.  It is important that we budget and put thought into how we spend our money.  Purchases need to be lasting, durable goods in preparation for the budget cuts.  While the Site Council has say in how the funds are used, with cuts the money could be used for the general fund.  Nothing is certain at this point but we should be informed.  He encouraged all to be active in contacting our state officials.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:45PM.


Next Meeting:  January 21, 2009