December 2007

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame – December 19, 2008



Karen Boden – Teacher

Kelly Burner – Parent – Absent

Paulette Caudill – Teacher

Tracy Churchill – Teacher

Colleen Cox – Student

Alison Denmen

Jim Garza – Principal

Ray Gen – Teacher/Chairperson

Patricia Guzman – Classified Employee

Riley Peck – Student

Jayne Pimlott – Vice-Chairperson/Parent - Absent

Aubrianne Rose – Student - Absent

Maxine Walsleben – Classified Person/Secretary


Meeting opened by Dr. Gen who welcomed our newest member, Alison Denmen.  Ms. Denmen is replacing Lisa Wilkin who resigned since being elected to the school board.


Minutes reviewed and passed as presented.


Unfinished Business:      None


New Business:  Garza reported on Latino Sub Group (See attachment).  Discussion was held on what should be done to help the Latino sub group continue educational growth. 


Mr. Garza listed three things to work on:


1.       Identify student

2.       Area of Concern

3.       How to utilize money to help this sub group


Dr. Gen suggested we align our critical needs w/national critical needs and this would help this sub group.


Mr. Garza reported that only one teacher volunteered to do tutoring to our students (which would also cover this sub group).  Garza then recommended that we go ahead with plans for an extended lunch for tutoring and not have the certificated evening tutoring program.  Maxine Walsleben made a motion to release the accrued funds set aside for evening tutoring and put back in the general site fund.  This motion was seconded by Paulette Caudill.  Dr. Gen called for the vote and it was passed.





Elina Mosquera gave the following updates:


Literacy Team Update:  The 2 areas that we work on are Content Area literacy (any subject that is not English) and Reading Intervention/English.


Within Content Area Literacy, we are accomplishing our goal of improving reading comprehension within content areas.  We are working on the teaching, implementing and holding teachers accountable for using reading strategies in their lessons.  We are doing this through videotaping lessons and conducting walk-throughs.


Now, as far as Reading Intervention/English, we are not accomplishing our goal.  Our goal was to purchase and adopt Read 180, but with the filming cuts, we have yet to purchase the program.  It’s a wonderful computer based program that really helps students with reading issues.   Read 180 focuses on each individual student’s needs, and it is also engaging!  If you would like more information, please let Elina know.  The program is presently using HiPoint for ELD.


Ms. Mosquera also reported that at this time, there is no ELD Coordinator and the ELD Aid is split between the Middle School and the High School.


New Business – Karen Boden passed along a flyer  about a program called “Dawn’s Light” about a Japanese man who was placed in the campus during World War II.  The cost of the program was discussed and Alison Denmen suggested we have the program for three performances and invite the entire community to attend the last show making a donation to attend and help to cover the cost.


Karen Boden will be working with Tim Harrison and Maxine to confirm dates and advertising.


Maxine read into the minutes a thank note from the Band Boosters thanking site council for purchasing the new band uniforms.


Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting date is January 23, 2008.









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