December 2012

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –December 12, 2012




Jim Garza                             Principal

Marcos Bolanos                    Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                    Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman                   Classified Employee

Tracy Kadonaga                   Teacher

Sarah Davlantis                    Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat                  Teacher

Hunter Gabel                      Student

Jonathon Thompson          Student

Alexa Mansour                  Student

Citlali Arroyo                      Student


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:15PM


Minutes from September 27, 2012 – Motion to approve by: Davlantis, second by Garza - all in favor

Unfinished business:     


English Learners:  All students have tested and are placed in appropriate classes.  CAHSEE testing: all seniors have passed minus the special education students.  There are a few juniors that need to be retested.


New Business and Agenda items: 

 Imperial site is in the process of being converted land for development.  Request for proposal to transition land from a school site to business development; possible senior apartments.  Land will still be district property leased to the developer.


Conferences attended since last meeting were:

Kadonaga has been meeting with the art museum in town to plan teen nights and creating internships.  Students went to a Saturday meeting for volunteering.  Students are coming up with lists of what they would like to do.

The museum’s goal is to have all students in the district visit them this school year. They are meeting with administrators and teachers to work out the logistics. 


Mr. Garza reported that through the careers department JPL in Pasadena (near Cal Tech) is very interested in establishing summer internships in Pasadena


Hedayat attended ERWC seminar going over A-G pre approved course for juniors and seniors.  Lines up with the common core   would be great for the CP senior course.  


English department had Mr.Saunders and Mr. Marcelletti all went over the common core and went over what was being removed and added to the English curriculum.  This information will be given to the entire staff at the meeting on Monday, 17th, EL Common Core review for entire staff.




Meeting adjourned: 1:27PM


Next Meeting: January 16, 2013