September 2012

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –September 27, 2012


Jim Garza                           Principal

Marcos Bolanos                  Special Assignment

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Sarah Davlantis                  Teacher

Tracy Kadonaga                 Teacher

Jennifer Hedayat                Teacher

Steve Mazuk                      Parent


Meeting opened by Marcos Bolanos at 1:14PM


Minutes from May 23, 2012 – Motion to approve by: Garza, second by Davlantis - all in favor

Unfinished business: Students seats available and we need to fill them by next meeting.


English Learners:  Everyone has finished testing and being placed.  2-3 new English learners were added this year.  3 Students were placed in the proficient category after passing their exam.


New Business and Agenda items: 

By Laws were reviewed, some packets were missing part 3 they will be added to final copy.

-Motion to accept the by-laws made by Garza; second by Mazuk - all in favor.


 Facilities Budget is for the school year 2012-13 began with a total of $190,633.35. We had AP Psych and AP World expenses they were a one- time expense.

We have ongoing athletic expenses and currently the Athletics Office needed to purchase a copier/scanner and we helped pay for that machine.

-Motion to accept the budget made by Hedayat; second by Davlantis- all in favor



Conferences attended since last meeting were:

Hedayat went to CSU expository reading and writing conference.  Linda Brown is next teacher scheduled to attend.


Announcements:  Thanks to the ED Foundation for the Bio Med lab for their support and assistance in this new class.

We will discuss the API Data at the next meeting.  State has delayed in releasing the data and it is not available yet



Meeting adjourned: 1:32PM


Future dates: (all dates subject to change)