April 2009

El Segundo High School

Site Council Meeting Minutes

                                                                                April 22, 2009

Members in Attendance:                             Ray Gen – Teacher/Chair

James Garza-Principal                                   Karen Boden-Teacher

Alison Denman-Parent                                 Gigi Thompson-Classified

Jayne Pimlott-Parent                                     Patricia Guzman-Classified

Windri Barriga-Parent                                    Jessica Chen-Student                                  

 Theresa Churchill-Teacher                         Colleen Cox-Student   

 Jennifer Hedayat-Teacher                           Riley Peck - Student                                                     


The meeting was called to order at 1:15 by Dr. Gen/Chair

Minutes were accepted.

No new reports.

No unfinished business.


Nothing to report from English Learners but it was recommended to the board that we combine EL with Intervention due to small enrollment.


Budge Update:

Jayne Pimlott and Jim Garza attended the District board budget workshop discussion on focus of budget cuts.  They reviewed initiatives on the ballot.  The state shortfall of 8 billion is now at 12 billion.  We won’t have official working numbers until June.  At this point, and in order to bridge our cuts they will accept phase one- cuts.  We know there is a $700,000.00 downfall and these are the numbers we are working with.


Questions/concerns: are all programs being returned?  Are we proceeding w/registration and ordering materials?  Not all programs will be prepared if we wait.

                There is no money to allocate for a program that doesn’t enroll.  We will try to have decision made before the absolute deadlines.


If gifts are given to district and ear marked to a certain organization/club that does not keep or go towards teacher salaries.



Discussion on the Academic Decathlon class lead to suggestion that students pay the fees and then be reimbursed if money comes in.  There are now 12 in the class and we need 25 to enroll. 

It could be made a class?  YES

But is there a teacher willing to sponsor it on their time?



There will be a two week period for the survey.  Student survey will go out the first week of June.  We will review the survey at the next meeting and get it out on June 1st.  Parent Survey???


Meeting adjourned at 2:00PM

Next Meeting:  May 27, 2009