February 2014

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –February 19, 2014




Ali Rabiei                              Interim Principal

Marcos Bolanos                     President/Teacher

Gigi Thompson                  Classified Employee

Jennifer Hedayat                Teacher

Sarah Davlantis                 Teacher

Jonathon Thompson          Student (11)

Citlali Arroyo                      Student (12)

Steve Mazuk                      Parent

Hunter Gable                     Student (12)

Guest: Bonnie Maye      Teacher


Meeting opened by Ali Rabiei at 1:10PM


Minutes from January 15, 2014– Motion to approve by: Davlantis, second by Mazuk: all in favor


New Business and Agenda items:  Facilities Report

Facilities budget is used for purchase of Apple products, apps, machinery and items needed to keep the school running.  Also these funds are used for AP conferences, purchase of textbooks.  Graduation expenses are also paid for by facilities. Money paid to the school for filming and rental of facilities feeds this account.


A new account that we have is the Field Use account for monies paid for rental of the stadium and practice field.

This year we were able to bring back coaching stipends that were cut back during the recession.  They are now reinstated and with continued renting of the fields we will be able to maintain the stipends.  Money encumbered automatically to this account is the repayment to the district for the resurfacing of the practice field.  We owe a total of $50K and agreed last year that we would pay $10K per year back for at least 5 years.



Announcements: none


Meeting adjourned: 1:19PM


Next Meeting: March 19, 2014