April 2011

Site Council Meeting

Hall of Fame –April 27, 2011


Jayne Pimlott , Chairman              Parent

Laura Gabel,  Vice Chairman        Parent

Beth Muraida                                Parent

Jim Garza                                      Principal

Gigi Thompson, Secretary            Classified Employee

Patricia Guzman                            Classified Employee

Alyson Doering                              Student

Jessica Chen                                 Student


Meeting opened by Jayne Pimlott at 1:14PM


Minutes from February Meeting still open -


Unfinished business:      Survey to go out early May before end of 12week grading period.  Old survey and results are available for review on the high school website.  Dr. Gen is responsible for activating and making it to live.


English Learners :  Nothing to report


New Business and Agenda items: 

No Budget as of 4/27/11; district proceeding with layoffs and counseling department is included.

Right now we have 3 temp teachers that will be let go.  We may have retirees but nothing is official as of yet.  The immediate future is bleak and the district has been distributing their reserves.


Our facilities budget is down to $115,000.00.  We could utilize some of that money and bring back a part time English teacher. The cost of a p/t teacher would be ~$40,000.  The order in which things would be brought back into play would be: Counseling, education, classified, sports.


While it would be nice to have Naviance (on-line counseling support system) if the counseling department is cut out that is an $8000 cost per year plus training for staff.   While it was discussed with the El Segundo Education Foundation (Ed!), it has not been included in the grant request to Ed! for 2011-12. The council discussed using some of the money in facilities to bring back a teacher and a part time counselor.


Motion was made by Muraida, second by Guzman and all were in favor of using Facilities Account money to re-hire a part-time English teacher and a part-time counselor at $40,000 each.


Conferences attended since last meeting were:

Non-currently scheduled


Construction update:

Construction on site is going according to schedule despite the rainfall in December.  Our plan is for graduation to take place on the football field and for the other senior ceremonies to take place in the Auditorium which is scheduled for completion at the end of May.

Next Meeting:  May 18, 2011 in the Hall of Fame.  In Gigi Thompson’s absence, Laura Gabel will take minutes.

Future dates:  June 15, 2011.