ESHS Action Plan is Action Research

Our Action Plan is Action Research

The Action Research Process

"...collaborative action research liberates teachers to assume leadership roles as constructors of knowledge and agents of change in helping schools to become centers of inquiry" (Pine, 2009, p.110)

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Action research  empowers all participants in the community to analyze and solve the identified problems.   Through this process, the entire community collaborates through active participation in the process. There are no bystanders. Each participant contributes research, data, and analyses. The anticipated results is that all participant changes the social and institutional processes of our school. E=C3

The ESHS Action Plan for the 2009-2015 academic years is set in two phases. Phase One (2009-2012) will address the three critical needs, one each year. For 2009-2010, we will look to Critical Need #1 "Increase the percentage of students completing A-G courses." In the 2010-2011 academic year we will focus our attention on Critical Need #2  "Increase the percentages of identified student subgroups participating in advanced level classes." The end of Phase One (2011-2012) will focus on Critical Need #3 "Implement curriculum and instructional strategies to address the achievement gap between below proficient and proficient students in all subject areas."

Phase Two (2012-2015) will reexamine the three critical needs, analyze and prioritize the areas of continued concern and reengage the Action Research model for each year.

Reexamined Critical Need 1# "Increase the percentage of students completing A-G courses to prepare them for life after high school." Upon the reexamination of the first critical need, the consensus was that the completion of the A-G requirements was focused primarily on the 4-year college bound students. The addition of the phrase "to prepare them for life after high school" is inclusive of the the entire student body. Research has shown that a rigorous course of study prepares students more adequately for career training, academic pursuits, military service, and life.

Timeline for Action Research
Action Plan 1 (2009-2010) 
Action Plan 2 (2010-2012)
Action Plan 3 (2011-2013)