“Core and Periphery Countries: Lessons From Economic History and the History of Economic Thought”

Meeting of Historians of Economic Thought from Europe and Latin America.
The conference is part of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET) activities taking place outside Europe and the second in Latin America. Conference dates: November 21-23, 2012. Buenos Aires.
Organizers: UNGS Political Economy Department and CEFID-AR
                                            Contact: eshetargentina@gmail.com


Information required for the reception of papers and workshop proposals:

1) An abstract of approximately 400 words for papers and 10.000 words for session proposals (only in English and / or Spanish). Please use Arial font, 12 pt., 1.5 spacing on A4 or Letter.

2) We will welcome abstracts for papers on various aspects of the history of economic thought in different periods.

3) Suggested themes for the Conference:

-Latin American structuralism and center-periphery theories
-European and Latin American experience of integration. Past and Present
-Classical political economy and effective demand
-Free trade and protectionism in primary export economies.
-Dependency theory and heterodox theories.
-Export promotion and import substitution
-Marxist thought in Latin America
-Liberalism and the establishment of national States
-Import substitution and growth.
-Keynesian theory in Latin America
-Economic crises in Latin America and orthodox economic theory
-Developmentalism and new developmentalism in Latin America
-CEPAL and development theories
-Center-periphery and orthodox economic theory

4) If your paper does not correspond to the suggested topics you may include it, by proximity, on the panel that best suits your interests, even if it is not in the initial list of proposals.

5) Abstracts and papers should be submitted in Spanish or English.

6) Deadline for abstracts and workshop proposals is July 1, 2012. Full versions of the papers for accepted abstracts should be submitted by October 30, 2012 for inclusion in the program. Abstracts, workshop proposals and papers should be sent to: eshetargentina@gmail.com

7) Travel Funding (o scholarships):  A limited number of accepted papers will be eligible for travel funding. Papers must be written in English in order to be considered. 
Full versions of the papers should be submitted by September 30, 2012.

8) Deadline for delivery of papers: 

Full versions of the papers (max. 8000 words) for accepted abstracts should be submitted by October 30, 2012 for inclusion in the program.

9) Time to show the presentations will be 20 minutes

Place of the Meeting: 

Avenida Callao 360
1403 Buenos Aires 

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Martín Abeles (CEPAL), Alejandro Fiorito (UNLU y UBA), Rodrigo López (CEFID-AR), Maria Cristina Marcuzzo (Sapienza, Università d Roma), Mario Rapoport (UBA), Hans-Michael Trautwein (University of Oldenburg).

Alejandro Fiorito,
26 oct. 2012 10:50