Interview with Esfandiar Ahmadi for Radio 4 – by Rachel Shelly  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Shelley

Esfandiar was involved in the Memorial Bench of his best friend “Parviz Owsia” 
an Iranian writer who died in 16 Feb1993.
interviewed by Rachel Shelly for BBC radio 4 " the story of Benches"

 The following poem   is the Written on the Memorial Bench of Parviz Owsia

I was born tomorrow

Today I live

Yesterday killed me

Parviz Owsia –Iranian Writer

 in Hampstead Heath (bottom of the Parliament Hill toward Mixed Bathing Pond.
 This poems inspired many writers and poets and play writers. Esfandiar explore
 more of his life and his poetry. The list of people who have been interviewed all 
inspired by this bench and the poem are included the bestseller writer 
Esfandiar Esfandarmaz,
2 Sept 2016, 11:53
Esfandiar Esfandarmaz,
2 Sept 2016, 11:53