Abstract Painting

Esfandiar Ahmadi painting represents a quest for self discovery. His work has several layers of meaning to it.. The basic principles are those of the Sufi mysticism of Persia which be­lieves that the macrocosm (God) is merely the magnification of the microcosm ( Man). The in­terior of the body, mind and spirit are the repository of the soul. This he represents in the sacred geometry of traditional Islamic design.

The Sufi tradition says that the imagination is central around an Absolute Reality which is imageless and beyond human imagination. What is in the realm of the human imagina­tion is order and pattern. Pat­tern has never been the exclu­sive possession of anyone field of human activity. Order as pat­tern seems to have universal meaning the existence of this order is dependant on its rela­tion to space. Because space is empty it can contain and embra­ce everything. Space is therefore the precondition of all things that exist. This is the basis of the spiritual aspect of Iranian geometry please click to continue and read the Asian Times review

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