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Our History

In the spring of 1981, ESD's upper-school head asked a young teacher named Fran Hillyer to start a literary magazine for the school. Having already been inspired by the literary magazine she encountered during graduate school, Ms. Hillyer already knew what she wanted to name it: Itinerary. The word suggests so many possibilities about life's journey, the magazine's journey, and the journey literature offers its reader. That summer she and a group of students attended a workshop at Trinity University in San Antonio, and the following fall, Itinerary was born. Ms. Hillyer eventually became Dr. Hillyer, and she led the magazine staff for eighteen years, culminating her work with a silver crown from the CSPA in 2001.
Taking the torch from Dr. Hillyer, Christine Nicolette-Gonzales (affectionately known as Ms. NG to her students) became Itinerary’s adviser for the following decade. During her time as adviser, Itinerary garnered a host of awards from Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the National Scholastic Press Association, the American Scholastic Press Association, and the National Council for Teachers of English.

Currently, Angela Sessions serves as the magazine's third adviser.