Schedule : Spring 2010

DAY Speaker Position Title of the talk


19-Jan Morgan Gallaghler Grad. Student Changes in Plant Biochemistry Under Varying Nitrogen Fertilization: Implications for the Biofuels Industry

Jay Kumar Mishra Grad. Student Horizontal Thermal Contraction of Pacific Plate
26-Jan Jeniffer Masy Grad. Student Seismic anisotropy and mantle flow beneath western Venezuela
  Fenglin Niu Prof. Toward using eccentric mass shakers for active seismic monitoring


2-Feb Justin Filiberto Post Doc. High Pressure, near - liquidus phase equilibria of the martian basalt fastball and melting in the martian mantle
9-Feb Richard G. Gordon
Prof. Thin Viscous Sheet Models for Deformation of Indo-Australian Lithosphere

Lin Zheng
Grad Student
Current plate motion relative to hotspots

 16-Feb Benjamin Slotnick
Grad Student Biotic Response of Tethyan bathyal ostracodes through the Eocene-Oligocene Transition   from the Massignano Composite Stratotype Section (east central Italy)


Jie Zhang
Grad Student

Structural pattern and deformation mechanism of basement involved

structure in Rocky Mountain foreland, Wyoming: Insights from DEM modeling

Julie Morgan Prof.  Rift Zone Abandonment and Reconfiguration in Hawaii: Evidence from Mauna Loa's Ninole Rift Zone

9-Mar  CANCELLED    

16-Mar Bill Hockaday Post Doc.  The role of fire in the Earth system

23-Mar Jacob Siegel
 Grad Student  Geophysical Profiling of the New England Continental Shelf:
Insights to Depositional History, Glaciations and Subseafloor Freshwater

  Bora Song
 Grad Student  Geochemical and Textural Properties of the Carbonate Veins in the Youngwol Area, Korea: a study on geochemical behavior of REE

30-Mar Amy Lasseigne  Grad Student  Rifting Mechanisms: Evidence from the Deep Galicia Basin
  Christine Gerbode
Under Grad.
 Carbonate-fluxed melting of MORB-like pyroxenite at 3 GPa and genesis of ocean
island basalts
6-Apr Pranabendu Moitra
 Grad Student  Fragmentation of Basaltic magma in Plinian style eruptions
  Inna Kurganskaya
 Grad Student

 Crystallographic control of sheet silicate dissolution
13-Apr Yongbo Zhai  Grad Student  " The lithospheric structure of the Mendocino Triple Junction region:          implications of Receiver Function Analysis "
  Oded Katz  Post Doc
"What controls the size of landslides?"
Lizette Leon-Rodriguez
Grad Student
 " A possible new planktonic foraminiferal species of the Early Paleogene.   An ancestor 
species of the Tenuitellid lineage? "
Rodrigo Fernandez
Grad Student
    " Insights on the neoglacial   advances of San Rafael and Gualas glaciers, Northern
Patagonian Icefield (~47S)"
20-AprAlexandra Kirshner
Grad Student

"Deglaciation History in Pine Island Bay since the Last Glacial Maximum"

  Fanwei Zeng
 Grad Student
 "Effect of human activity on the sources and cycling of carbon in the Brazos River, Texas"