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Even though the RET fellowship ends in early August, 2008, the writer will continue to be be in contact with Dr. Adam Fontecchio's lab group.  This will manifest itself through emails and phone conversations.

The lesson plan enumerated on this website will be delivered to the writer's students in late May, 2009, after completing relevant content in the areas of waves, vibrations, and geometric optics.  My esteemed mentor, Mr. Sameet Shriyan, will be asked to observe the presentation of the research-based lesson to an Honors Physics I class.

 In the interim period, this participant is planning to take a group of potential engineering students to the Drexel University's Nanosoft Lithography Group laboratory.  Here, they will perform a hands-on activity utilizing liquid crystal formulations to sense temperature.

Additionally, there is a strong movement to complete and implement the grant writing aspect of our RET experience.