Curriculum Vitae
Research Statement
Working Papers
Ongoing Projects

  PhD. in Economics (August 2014) 
  University of Texas at Dallas
  M.S. in Economics (July 2006)
  with Industrial Organization Specialization
  Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico

  Fields of specialization 
  Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  Personnel Economics 
  Applied Econometrics
  Applied Microeconomics


    I am a job market candidate and I am currently available for interviews. My research uses experimental economics methods to explore the 
    impact of 
incentives on people with other-regarding preferences. I apply different econometric techniques to explore experimental results 
    such as 
Bayesian mixture models, logistic regressions and hierarchical models.

    In particular, I am interested in intrinsic motivation in the workplace and the willingness to donate labor, i.e. working harder than others for
    equivalent salaries. Most of my work stems from laboratory experiments; however I recently participated in the design and 
    of a field experiment exploring the impact of children's social environment on their altruistic preferences, especially