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Minecraft Tutorial Videos

Click here for list of 89 great tutorial videos. Find one that meets your needs as a Minecrafter.
The video below if the first tutorial called Surviving Your First Night
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    Planet Minecraft Website for experienced Minecraft users looking for more in-depth uses within Minecraft 
    Minecraft Log in for regular Minecraft (not MinecraftEDU) 
    Gamepedia's Minecraft Wiki Site with many helpful articles about crafting, redstone, mobs, etc. 
    NovoSkin Minecraft skin editor 
    Crafting Guide Great site for learning how to craft items (tools, food, blocks, etc) 
    Ultimate Minecraft Guide 2016  
    A-Z Ultimate Minecraft Guide 2016  
    Parkour Tips Tips on how to get through a Parkour course Also look for ideas when creating your own Parkour. 
    Redstone Tutorials 25 great videos for tips on how to build different redstone creations 
    Minecraft Seeds Use the seed numbers to generate a world with a look you pick 
    Coding with Turtles and Mod If you are interested in learning how to mod, you need to learn coding first. What better way to help learn about it, than through a programmable block in Minecraft. Watch videos on how to complete turtle obstacles. You can download the mod for free here as well. 
    Learn to Mod Learn to Mod is a great website where you can learn the basics to programming and the beginning steps to making your own mods. Use the account information you picked up in class to log into the following site. 
    Steps for adding maps to your Minecraft computer folder at home. If you have the Minecraft file from camp, start at #4 on the webpage. As always, be sure to read the steps carefully. 
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