Day Three - Afternoon Campers

If you have free time  

Look through and Explore...

  • Camp Booklet and Minecraft Books
  • Camp Website and Resources


Arrival & 

Group Discussion: Installing mods

Video about


First Topic: Redstone


Second Topic: Mini-Games - PVP


Snack Break and Recreation 


***Open Choice***

1) Designing your own mini-game
(Add redstone and command blocks)

2) Create your own personal world using seeds

3) Continue Survival World

4) Minecraft Survival Quest Challenge
(Remember to have your work checked when you accomplish a task)


 Cleanup and Group Wrap Up Discussions


Goals today

  • Explore and learn about 
    Redstone and Command Blocks and Player Vs Player (PVP)

  • Use your Survival Quest Challenge Packet to help decide what you want to do.
    • `Ex. builders get together, what can you help each other build.


Social Goal

Before asking a camp leader for help, ask someone at your table or another table. 

Bonus: Use their first name when you talk to them.


To Find Answers

  1. Talk to partners
  2. Use our Minecraft webpages Camper Blog and Resources and Useful Links especially the Crafting Guide link
    • Don't forget about the basic crafting sheet in class
  3. Camp leaders