Day Two - Morning Camp

Welcome Back!
Schedule of the Day

If you have free time  

Look through and Explore...

  • Camp Booklet
  • Minecraft Books in the back of the room
  • Camp Website and Resources




Team Building
 in the Tutorial World: Shapes level


Explore the Mines


Tutorial World Camp Grounds
  1. * Get setup in your cabin
    (#s are assigned by leaders)

  2. * Visit Minecraft Crafting and Smelting Guide
    Pick at least two recipes you would like craft and add them to your booklet

  3. Mine/harvest materials to crafts your items
    (You can visit a camp leader twice to be given any material you like, choose wisely)

  4. For each item you craft, you can get an extra item of your choice from a camp leader

Snack Break and Recreation 


1) Continue Tutorial World
* Explore camp ground mines
* Find the hidden campfire site
* Go for a boat ride
* Find and explore the lighthouse
* Add a building or creation of your choice to the camp grounds.

2) Minecraft Survival Quest Challenge
(Remember to have your work checked when you accomplish a task)

Group Wrap Up Discussions