Introduction Slideshow

ESCC - Minecraft Welcome

View slideshow view Welcome message as well as to learn how to setup your home device for MinecraftEDU.

  • MinecraftEDU is different than regular Minecraft. Camp activities require MinecraftEDU to be installed.

Any Windows 10 PC, Apple computer, and iPad is compatible with MinecraftEDU.

Chromebook computers and gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switches are NOT COMPATIBLE with MinecraftEDU

Survival Camp: 9:00 - 11:00

Tuesday, August 4th - Thursday, August 7th


Creative Camp 12:00 - 2:00

Tuesday, August 4th - Thursday, August 7th

  • Click on the Google Meet icon during your camp times to meet online with the camp leader.

  • Online room is unavailable outside of camp hours


You can contact me at

On first day of camp, students will be able to explore a tutorial world, while others are provided any support needed for the steps described in the slideshow above.