Day Three

Goals today
  • Explore and Learn about Redstone and Programmable Turtles
  • Build skills in Camper Area of Tutorial World
  • Creative World (After Snack) Work together as a team to create a world where everyone can meet their needs (think about why they want to be here)

  • Use your Survival Quest Challenge Packet to help decide what you want to do.
  • Ex. builders get together, what can you help each other build.

Social Goal
To use each others name  and ask for help.

To Find Answers
  1. Talk to partners
  2. Use our Minecraft webpages Camper Blog and Resources and Useful Links especially the Crafting Guide link
    • Don't forget about the basic crafting sheet in class
  3. Camp leaders

If you have free time  

Look through and Explore...
  • Camp Booklet and Minecraft Books
  • Camp Website and Resources


Arrival / Group Discussion


First Topic: Redstone


Second Topic: Programmable Turtles


Feel free to continue to explore the Camper Area in the Tutorial World, if feel you are not ready for today's topics or if you just want to build on your skills.


Snack Break and Recreation 

Learn about World Seeds


Open Choice

Room 1A: Sample Island
Choose between Redtone, Turtle, Building, and Crafting areas (How do you start in the middle of a forest?) 

Room 1B: Survival World
Explore the Seed World Selected, create a shelter, mine, collect resources, craft, and see if you can SURVIVE!

Room 2A: Tutorial World - Camper Area

Room 2B: Creative World
You will have every item available to you. What will you create? Design a redstone roller coaster, hatch an animal/monster, experiment with new tools, go to the Nether, it's all possible in Creative Mode.



 Cleanup and 
Group Wrap Up Discussions