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Non-Fiction Stories

Reality with a Spin


These stories will consist of real events that have happened in past history,
The present time, or perhaps what might happen in the distant or near future.
I have put my own spin on them and have created fictitious characters to carry
A plot. It is a new field for me, but one that is most interesting. I hope that you enjoy
These stories, and learning about past and present history and the individuals
Who shaped it.

The Chronicles of the Teutonic Knights

Chapters of the Teutonic Knights

Explore the rich history of one of the most powerful and successful knightly monastic orders of medieval history. Travel to Eastern Europe; Prussia, Poland, Lithuania, and Novgorod where the Teutonic Knights seek to root out paganism and establish a Christian empire.
The Siege of Marienburg: Follow the story of a simple soldier during the siege of the Order's capital.