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2011 Summer Blockbuster Preview
The Year 2011 appears as if it is going to be a memorable years for

big budget films. As I look at the list that I assembled, I can confidently

say that I am looking forward to most of the releases. Hopefully all

of them live up to expectations, and with the advent of 3-D 

anything is possible. Last year was a little disappointing, but this

year promises a much better selection.

 Book II
A Warrior's Tale Trilogy
After several years of work, the initial rough draft of the second book
is complete! New characters, new locales, and darker content as the war becomes
more intense.
The 3-D Film Revolution
The first film in 3-D at the theatre that I ever saw was Avatar, and it was an experience unlike I had ever participated in concerning any film at the theatre. I was astounded by the special effects and the immersive depth of the world of Pandora, but it was the surreal power of the 3-D mixed with all of this, along with a truly compelling story that filled with exhilaration. Walking out of the theatre that night, I knew that film and movie going experiences would be changed forever because of what James Cameron had done; and I was right. Avatar became the catalyst for 3-D to be a part of all major motion pictures thereafter. In 2010 alone films like Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, and Clash of the Titans have wowed audiences with their 3-D capability, and the year promises to offer more with Tron: Legacy, Toy Story 3 and several others being released in the new format. Many filmmakers and studio execs have jumped on the bandwagon of 3-D and are rushing to put together a repertoire of films that are 3-D driven.
The 3-D Film Revolution (follow link for more)

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2011 Summer Blockbuster Preview: A preview of the major motion pictures for the summer of 2011.
2011 Summer Blockbuster Review: A Review of the major summer film of 2011
Star Wars in 3-D
Star Wars in 3-D! Some say it's about time, others are
fed up with George Lucas apparently ripping people off
of their money. What do you think? Star Wars in 3-D
The Newest Editions
of the E-reading Family.
A while ago I suggested that electronic book reading would catch on
and become common practice. Dare I say that we are on the cusp of that
happening very soon. Gone is the day where Amazon's Kindles dominated
the market. There are two new editions to the competitor scheme: The Nook
by Barnes & Noble, and the i-Pad created by Apple. Of coruse there is the
Sony E-reader line, but the attention of the market seems to be in more favor
of the other three. Several other companies have also created their own versions
of an electronic reading device and have at last added a competitive counterpart
to this entire market. I was web searching and found this company that makes
something called the Pandigital Novel by Pandigital of course, and I'm certain
there will be many more to come as this lucrative market becomes increasingly
exploited by companies.    The Next Generation of Ebook Readers