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The Amazing Spider-Man

Track Score Card

 Motif/ Melody Film
 Orchestration OriginalityListenable Score
Track 1  Excellent High Good Good High 8/10
Track 2  Excellent High GoodExcellent  High 9/10
Track 3  Excellent High Excellent Excellent High 10/10
Track 4  Good High Good Excellent Moderate 7/10
Track 5  Excellent High Good Excellent High 9/10
Track 6  Good High Good Excellent Moderate 7/10
Track 7  Excellent High Excellent Excellent High 10/10
Track 8  Good High Good Excellent Moderate 7/10
Track 9  Excellent High Excellent Excellent High 10/10
Track 10 Good  High Excellent Excellent Moderate 8/10
Track 11  Good High Good Good Low 5/10
Track 12  Adequate High Good Good Moderate 5/10
Track 13  Excellent High Excellent Excellent High 10/10
Track 14  Excellent High Excellent Excellent Moderate 9/10
Track 15  Good High Excellent Excellent Moderate 8/10
Track 16 Adequate  High Excellent Good Moderate 6/10
Track 17  Excellent High Excellent Good Low 7/10
Track 18  Good High Excellent Good Low 6/10
Track 19  Adequate High Excellent Good High 7/10
Track 20  Excellent High Excellent Excellent High 10/10

Film Score Summary

"The Amazing Spider-Man"

James Horner is one of my favorite film composers, and is also one of those composers that is on the same level as John Williams, and there are few of those, which includes Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, & Alan Silvestri. Between the five of them, they are the finest composers in the American film industry. With all of that said, I couldn't think of a finer choice to score the new Spider-Man film. I really, really enjoyed this score, which from the ratings I gave it clearly demonstrate that. Right from the get go he had a very strong thematic motif that he had strung along throughout the entire film, and he orchestrated it well each time. Track 1 is the beginning of this and Track 20 is the culmination of the theme. It was new and fresh, along with most of the score. Track 17 sounded a little similar to Titanic, which when I was watching the film I realized then and there that James Horner had composed the music. That is the problem with film composers that have been around for a while. Each of them has a lot of talent, but some of their music can sound similar at times

Track 3 is so awesome, and it also happens to be one of my favorite scenes in the film as well. Very playful, and definitely has a good motif to it. Actually, I was a little disappointed that his action music kind of lacked motifs at all, and oftentimes sounded a little mishmashed. It was definitely original and worked well with the action on the film, but by itself not so well (see parts of Track 17). For the most part though, I could see myself listening to the entire score and even purchasing it. This was a very well done score to a very well done film. I highly recommend it to all soundtrack listeners.

Soundtrack Stamp

Track Titles:

1. Main Title-Young Peter
2. Becoming Spider-Man
3. Playing Basketball
4. Hunting for Information
5. The Briefcase
6. The Spider Room-Rumble in Subway
7. Secrets
8. The Equation
9. The Ganali Device
10. Ben's Death
11. Metamorphis
12. Rooftop Kiss
13. The Bridge
14. Peter's Suspicion
15. Making a Silk Trap
16. Lizard at School
17. Saving New York
18. Oscorp Tower
19. "I can't see you anymore"
20. Promises-Spider-Man End Titles

YouTube Video

Track #3  Playing Basketball

YouTube Video

Track #20 Promises- Spider-Man End Titles