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Danny Elfman

Maestro Danny Elfman


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Filmography as of 2011

2013 Epic

2013 Oz: The Great and Powerful

2012 Silver Linings Playbook

2012 Frankenweenie

2012 Men in Black 3

2012 Dark Shadows

2011 Real Steel

2011 Restless 

2010 The Next Three Days

2010 Alice in Wonderland

2010 The Wolfman

2010/III Do Not Disturb (music by)

2009 Taking Woodstock

2009 Terminator Salvation

2009 Notorious

2008/I Milk

2008 Hellboy II: The Golden Army

2008 Wanted

2008 Standard Operating Procedure (documentary)

2007 The Kingdom

2007 Desperate Housewives (TV series)

– Liaisons (2007)

2007 Meet the Robinsons

2006 Charlotte's Web

2006 Nacho Libre

2006 Deep Sea (documentary short)

2005 Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight - Dark Side of the Knight (video documentary short)

2005 Corpse Bride

2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2005 No Experience Needed (short)

2004 Spider-Man 2

2003 Big Fish

2003 Hulk

2002 Chicago

2002 Red Dragon

2002 Men in Black II

2002 Spider-Man

2001 Planet of the Apes

2001 Mazer World (short)

2001 Spy Kids

2000 The Family Man

2000 Proof of Life

1999 Sleepy Hollow

1999 Anywhere But Here

1999 Instinct

1998 A Civil Action

1998 A Simple Plan

1997 Good Will Hunting

1997 Flubber

1997 Men in Black

1996 Mars Attacks!

1996 Extreme Measures

1996 The Frighteners

1996 Mission: Impossible

1996 Freeway

1995 Dead Presidents

1995 To Die For

1995 Dolores Claiborne

1994 Black Beauty

1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas

1993 Sommersby

1992 Batman (TV series)

– The Last Laugh (1992)

1992 Batman Returns

1992 Article 99

1990 Edward Scissorhands

1990 Darkman

1990 Dick Tracy

1990 Nightbreed

1989 Batman

1988 Scrooged

1988 Face Like a Frog (short)

1988 Hot to Trot

1988 Big Top Pee-wee

1988 Midnight Run

1988 Beetle Juice

1987 Summer School

1985-1987 Amazing Stories (TV series)

– Family Dog (1987)

– Mummy Daddy (1985)

1986 Back to School

1986 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV series)

– The Jar (1986)

1986 Wisdom

1985 Pee-wee's Big Adventure

1982 Forbidden Zone

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Danny Elfman's Greatest Hits
Ever since I first heard his music on the original Batman film I have loved Danny Elfman's music. I can firmly say that he is my favorite film composer. Even though I like a lot of John William's work, Elfman remains diverse and always can surprise. He works a lot with Tim Burton, whose work I admire and enjoy greatly. Both men have a dark edge to their creativity, but so do I as well; that might be why I like both of them and their work so much. Of all of his film scores that I have heard, Sleepy Hollow remains my favorite as of now. He is strong in the areas of motifs and themes like John Williams, and he tends to also utilize a lot of choral in his scores as well. These are attributes and skills that I find highly desirable in a film composer. I always look forward to listening to a score composed by this man. I also have been wondering what it would sound like if he was to compose a fantasy film trilogy score.

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Danny Elfman 25 Years of Music