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Track Score Card

  Motif/Melody Film Integration Orchestration Originality Listenable Score
Track 1 Good High Good Good Moderate 6/10
Track 2 Adequate High Adequate Adequate Moderate 3/10
Track 3 Good High Adequate Adequate Moderate 6/10
Track 4 Good High Good Good High 7/10
Track 5 Good High Good Good Moderate 6/10
Track 6 Adequate High Adequate Adequate Low 2/10
Track 7 Good High Good AdequateLow 4/10
Track 8 Adequate High Poor Adequate Low 1/10
Track 9 Poor Moderate Adequate Poor Low 0/10
Track 10 Poor High Adequate Adequate Low 1/10
Track 11  Poor High Adequate Poor Low 1/10
Track 12  Adequate High Adequate Adequate Low 2/10
Track 13  Poor High Adequate Adequate Moderate 2/10
Track 14  Adequate High Good Poor Moderate 3/10
Track 15  Poor High Adequate Adequate Low 1/10
Track 16  Excellent High Excellent Excellent Moderate 9/10

Film Score Summary

Ere Go

To say that I don't really care for Alexandre Desplat as a film composer is putting it quite tamely. Of several of his film scores that I have listened to most lack any depth of originality. This score isn't any different. I'm uncertain why he was nominated for a 2013 Oscar Nomination as opposed to other composers. This music from my point of view sucked, but not because it was necessarily bad though. During the time when I was writing my Modern Warfare stories, when I wrote about terrorists and other areas in the Middle East I listened to traditional Persian/Iranian music on the iTunes radio. That culture has a lot of great music, and an untold wealth of history in all subjects that is amazing. Honestly though, I couldn't tell an overall distinct difference between his score and that music. Granted it has to sound similar to the setting of where the story is taking place, but it didn't seem like he put any real effort to come up with any distinct sounds, themes, or motifs for his score to make it stand out. It was quite boring and flat, and honestly not that beautiful whatsoever.

The only time when the music was good without a doubt was on the first and last track of the entire album. He actually came up with an incredible theme which I wish so much that he would have used more in the score, and it would have made it so much better. Moving, passionate, and quite beautiful it was a fantastic theme. Unfortunately though it was for only about four minutes in length, the rest of the score sucked. I do not know why filmmakers keep recruiting him to score their films, but it's really getting on my nerves. I guess they on average just don't care about film music as much as me. A bloody shame indeed.

Soundtrack Stamp

Track Titles:

1. Argo
2. A Spy In Tehran
3. Scent of Death
4. The Mission
5. Hotel Messages
6. Held up by Guards
7. The Business Card
8. Breaking Through the Gates
9. Tony Grills the Six
10. The Six Are Missing
11. Sweatshop
12. Drive to the Airport
13. Missing Home
14. Istanbul-The Blue Mosque
15. Bazaar
16. Cleared Iranian Airspace

YouTube Video

Track # 3 Scent of Death

YouTube Video

Track # 16 Cleared Iranian Airspace