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Fiction Stories

Welcome to My Worlds
This will become the hub and is the proverbial tree trunk to all of my fictional short stories.
From this part of the website you will be able to access each fictional story that I
Have written. Some will stand by themselves, others may have parts to it. I hope that you enjoy each
And every one of them, and if you do not, then please let me know why.
Also please let me know what kind of stories you would like to read about, so that I may
Consider them when writing.



Story Index

A Boy & a Girl: A story about a young man & woman who find themselves in the beginnings of a series of interesting situations which might lead to romance?
A Face Forgotten: A  science fiction story about a man who changed himself, and finds that no matter how far he runs away and hides that he cannot escape that which he is trying to bury.
A Fantastic World: Read about the adventures of characters like Bingostick the rabbit, Dinkle the robot, and Brimbles the badger wizard as they explore and interact in a world filled with fantasy and mystery.
A Sharp Breath in the Night: A story about a man who finds himself in the middle of swamp and things aren't completely what they seem tp be.
Georgio: An intriguing story about an individual who is neither male nor female; read about his adventures and what happens as he copes with this harsh reality.
Good Food & Friends: A single story that follows the intrigue of a single family during an ordinary dinner, on an ordinary day but a suprising event throws a wrench into their routine.

Greed & Freedom: A new political party surfaces in America which along with the other political parties have to navigate congress through a turbulent time.
Modern War Stories: A collage of tales about the men, women, and children caught up in the armed conflicts of the newly emerged 21st century.

Ravens in White: A trio of witches in modern day Washington D.C. live out their lives as powerful civilians, but also as powerful witches with pained pasts. However, much about their dreaded past is forgotten....well almost forgotten.
Solum Sicarian: A cunning hired killer without an average 
conscience weaves a bloody path as a career.
SS Assassin Homepage: Follow the story of an SS Assassin who reports only to high ranking Nazi Party members, and carves a bloody swathe through Germany, Europe, and the world. Executing enemies of the Third Reich, and all who stand in his way.

Surviving My Life: A dark, and ethereal story about a boy who learns to survive in a different world, where he escaped to in order to get away from his abusive parents.
The Boy from the Country Story: Follow a family of British society, where the four children and two parents fight to keep their personal and familial problems from spilling out into the public eye.
The Queen's Crystal Plate: A fairy tale about a young woman who becomes queen, but she soon becomes something more when she begins feasting all of the time on a crystal plate given to her during her coronation celebration.
The Revelation of Immortality: Eleven immortals there are. 3500 years they have walked the planet hiding in the shadows. Now, one has chosen to lead them to a destiny far grander then any of them thought ever possible.
The Tale of Three Brothers: A serial fantasy series about three brothers who embark on great adventures in a land filled with danger, mysterious creatures, and a certain deathwish for those who stand against the Empress.
The Toaster ManA curious story about a man fascinated with peanut butter and bananas on toast.

Twilight of Night: A man survives after what he believes is a planetary wide epic disaster on Earth.


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