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The Next Generation of Ebook Readers: The choices and options keep growing and growing; see what some of the new and popular reading devices are.
Why Choose the Electronic Way?
Unbeknownst to average Americans a small type of war is being waged against the printed word versus the digital word. Which one is winning? Well no one knows for certain at the moment. It is true that the established order of traditional printing and bound books has a firm grip on the market, but ebooks are ever so quickly nudging their way in. The state of the finanical market has also left relatively large publishing houses laying off their personnel and acquiring fewer new authors. However, because of the general inexpense to publish books via electronically new authors are springing up left and right taking their own publishing into their own hands. Being able to skip over large publishing houses is unheard of in a world that has been dominated by tradition, which plays that if a writer wants to be published he or she must go through the publishing industries hurdles. Now though, anyone can write, publish, and market with minimal expenses all from their own home with a computer, internet connection, and some software. There are also several online publishers that are willing to help young writers publish their material and aide them in the process of marketing. The publishing opportunities for books online is increasing weekly, if not daily.
I have heard many statements like "I don't want to sit in front of a computer for hours and read," or perhaps "I just like the feeling of holding a real book and turning the pages." All of these are valid statements of feelings that individuals have in connection with reading, and to be certain I am not mocking those who hold fast to such ideals. However, to a realist times are changing, and quite quickly at that. Technology never truly stops, or even necessarily slows down. Eventually it breaks people and in a way forces them to change or get lost in its wake. I'm not going to prophesy when physical books will be the minority and electronic ones the majority, but I can say with certainty that it will happen one day. Devices such as the Kindle and Sony E-reader will be the dominant mode for reading, but there will be other devices and such technological improvements for ebook readers, much like the cell phone. Perhaps landlines will not ever truly be gone, but I believe that cell phones are probably the dominant method of communicating telephonically. The same could be said of books, which may never really disappear but as I mentioned above they will no longer be the primary source for reading. Even printed works as magazines and newspapers might even find their way electronically and become phazed out completely concerning their printed compatriots.
I have not used any of the electronic readers out there, not do I intend to purchase any of them at the time being. Don't get me wrong, the products out there are good and can do some fairly impressive things, but I am waiting for something even better. Much like I did with the MP3 player and yes even cell phone. Even now there seems to be a balance hanging with DVD and Blue Ray, and if soon Blue Ray will replace DVD completely as DVD did with VHS. This is how technology works and progresses; much like the theory of survival of the fittest. The best technology will live on while the old will wither and die away because it no longer can compete.
Why choose to go electronic? Well you don't have to now or even for many years, however as you keep spending money on expensive hardcover books and trying to find excess room to store them you might change your mind. The cost effectiveness ratio will soon turn in your favor, not mention going digital is more eco friendly. Also the argument has been made that if you buy a book and don't like it that much, you of course didn't pay a grotesque amount of money and you don't have waste precious shelf space on a book that will only collect dust. I believe this era of history will be looked back on and be called the Digital Age. Just like a tide coming in; it is slow as it moves, but it is innevitable as it will come in totality and cover everything in its path.

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