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The Order of the Phoenix

Does it Work Outside the Film?
The Harry Potter film saga has had three composers thus far; John Wiliams, Patrick Doyle, and Nicholas Hooper. Although with David Yates directing the remaining films, it is most likely that Hooper will compose the music for Deathly Hallows since he has composed the music for Half-Blood Prince and the Order of the Phoenix. Before Harry Potter I had never heard of Hooper, but for an unknown has had done a relatively solid job with the score just as Yates had done with the film.
Like all of the Harry Potter scores, this one has its share of themes. There is the reprising "Hedwig's Theme," "Professor Umbridge," and "The Possession Theme." The rest of the score is somewhat like Goblet of Fire, where the tracks can stand on their own and are quite enjoyable, but not necessarily thematic. Williams was the only composer that was really thematic with his music particularly Azkaban.
Tracks 1-3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 18 are the ones that I find enjoyable to listen while sitting down in a comfortable chair. All of the other tracks that I didn't name I found difficult to just sit and listen, because quite a few start out quietly and are just music that plays to what's happening on screen, not necessarily enhancing it. I will have to say that I found the electric guitar a little overbearing in Fireworks, where it should have been accompanying the orchestra it seemed to take center stage drowning everything else out.
When the Possession Theme reaches its crescendo it is rather pleasing to the ears, but before that is just strings softly and slowly building up, and sometimes there are moments during the score when intruments just seem to play random chords and notes and have no rhyme or reason. Death of Sirius is another track where the middle half is awesome with a very catchy tune that builds up wonderfully, but as this track reaches the crescendo it just falls flat. I was quite disappointed when I heard it the first time, because it had so much potential. The Hall of Prophecies was also similar in this regard, great build up halfway through and then ended flat.
I loved Professor Umbridge's theme, although I think it promotes a more playful tone than stern, and there doesn't seem to be any undercurrent of darkness to it like her character suggests in the film. Her theme reflects William's style of film composition, but lacks his expertise in nailing themes for characters, or themes in general. Although William's scores are beginning to sound an awfully lot alike in his old age, he always comes through on his themes.
The score works quite well with the film and depicts the scene and actions without any real flaw. I think Doyle and Williams could have done a better job, but Hooper didn't really disappoint as I would state that most of the things I didn't like were artistic choices of themes and arrangements. I would say about half of the score is pleasant to just sit and listen to, and the other half is good primarily for the movie or good music to write to. All in all a good score, but it could have been better; I'm sure that Hooper will have gotten much better for Half-Blood Prince.

1. Fireworks 

2. Professor Umbridge 

3. Another Story 

4. Dementors in the Underpass 

5. Dumbledore's Army 

6. The Hall of Prophecies 

7. Possession 

8. The Room of Requirement 

9. The Kiss 

10. A Journey to Hogwarts 

11. The Sirius Deception 

12. Death of Sirius 

13. Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning 

14. Darkness Takes Over 

15. The Ministry of Magic 

16. The Sacking of Trelawny 

17. Flight of the Order of the Phoenix 

18. Loved Ones and Leaving 

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Professor Umbridge

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Flight of the Order of the Phoenix