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From here you will be able to access all of the stories that I have written thus far. From wizards, to British society, and Nazi assassins I am certain you will be diverted most pleasurably.
Still being developed, I hope to take actual events throughout history and put a new spin on them so to speak. I am beginning first with the Teutonic Knights.
Of the various books that I will read, I will post my thoughts and critiques of the book which will range from Star Wars to Sense and Sensibility.
Reports and news on various topics in the popular media anaylyzed and evaluated by me.
A collection of musical artists from around the world who perform various kinds of music. This section is apart from film music. I will review artists and their music.
This area is a very fervent passion of mine, and it is my desire to create a large library of reviews from different composers; even spotlighting some various film composers.
The future of the publishing industry is electronic, or is it; this section deals with the current debate raging between various writers, publishers, and of course readers.
Here I will take the various films that I have viewed and critique them as best as I can from a non-biased point of view.
Interviews and other video relating to writing and entertainment.
         Books 1 & 2
             of a
  Warrior's Tale Trilogy

Check libraries, local bookstores, and anywhere books are sold.
The key to finding any book is the ISBN number which you
will find on the author website below. Also available on Barnes & Noble
and Amazon.com.

Short story about a young boy that finds a way to overcome 
sadistic abuse at the hands of his parents.

Short story about how a new party in the future of American 
politics navigates a crisis to their advantage.

A fairy tale about how a young Queen's gluttony transforms 
her into something beyond her desires.

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Book 2: "Dishonor's Scourge" The Characters

YouTube Video

Book 2: "Dishonor's Scourge" The Story
Fans of The Lord of the Rings as well
as Star Wars will enjoy the action-packed
scenes and gripping tale of a young hero’s
journey from wanderer to warrior.
Entertaining and suspenseful, The Curse of A
Warrior will entice its readers with a strong
plot, intriguing characters, and an enchanting
~Life never allows one to slow it down so that an individual can do the things he or she needs to do in the time they would prefer to do it in. Therefore problems and conflicts arise, and thus writing in my life at least becomes a daily battle of the wills. This blog shares these exploits and struggles in my life, along with other tidbits that I find interesting and/or fascinating.
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