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Unique Graphic Designed Website, Company Badge or Logo & transform your work clothes with your own unique designed digitized image. 

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Currently i am Head designer at Earth Science Institute World Project's: And i am involved in the following Projects, collaborations & Media content.

Why Geology rocks. The forgotten scientists. Honor the Orcas, dive in.

Our newest collaborations: 

Echelon Initiative Project,
Inner Scope Reflections,

Elite Compass Division,

Escape Artist Origins,

Jupiter Academic Resources Limited,

Saturn Elements Group, Titan Exploration Industries: Wildlife campaigners of the World.

Delphinus Enterprises: " We hear you calling "
#OrcaAvengers " We speak for the Cetaceans of the World " Honor the Orcas Dive in!

Protecting the Oceans.
Sharks, Current Events & Archives. #Tweet4Taiji

All About Geo-science: #Adventurewithus We put the #Sciencefirst

(CEO & Co Founder) Chief Executive Officer at Apex Evolution Recruitment

Recruitment Advisor, "2nd designer & Copywriter.

(CIO) Chief Information Officer at Apex Evolution Advertising where I founded Escape Artist Industries.

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